Mission Statement

The Student Representative Council (SRC) provides equal opportunities for all students to voice their ideas and concerns about Florey Primary School. The SRC endeavours to enable all students to feel valued, to be involved in school life, and to contribute to the school community.


We are your voice

In 2013 the SRC have planned events to help raise money for the Children's Hospital in Canberra. Throughout the year Florey Primary has been involved in mufti days, T and Q dress up day and a movie character themed day. Previously the SRC has held successful themed days to assist in raising money for varying charities and missions that are important to the SRC. We have worked together to raise money for Red Nose Day, Cancer Council and relief funds for countries and places effected by devastating natural disasters.  

Key responsibilities

  • Improve students awareness of their rights and responsibilities
  • Provide effective representation of students through communication with and between students, staff and the community
  • Provide a forum for student opinions, ideas and attitudes
  • Give students the opportunity to participate in school decision making by providing a forum for discussion of priorities, problems and policies
  • Provide students with the opportunity to respond to issues raised in class meetings
  • Organise, coordinate and participate in school and student activities, fundraising and charity events
  • Plan and promote activities which enhance school spirit
  • Develop leadership and democratic qualities in students
  • Promote school values and culture
  • Promote the SRC and its work through the school newsletter
  • Model appropriate behaviour and uniform
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their environment.