In 2013 Florey Primary School introduced an intervention, extension and consolidation for every learner (IExCel) program. The foundation of this initiative was built upon the Professional Learning Community principles of colloboration, identified learning goals and evidence based data. 

Each week teachers from the same teaching teams are released off class to attend a professional meeting regarding student progress. Essential learnings are defined according to curriculum and planning documents and formative assessment items are designed in preparation for students.

Student's understanding and/or misconceptions are analysed and discussed post the formative assessments.  These lead to professional dialogue regarding strengths and areas of development which then underpin the learning intentions for students at the next IExCel session.

Students are grouped according to need each week and the groups remain fluid depending on the topic/content being targeted. Three main groups of intervention, consolidation and extension are organised. Teachers are assigned according to the needs of students and extra support staff enable targeted learning for students.

In 2013 the target area for this initiative is mathematics with a look to include writing as a target area in 2014.