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Community Support Programs


A school psychologist currently operates from Florey Primary School on a part time basis. Parents may contact the school directly to organise an appointment to confidentially discuss student welfare issues and/or counselling needs.


Cognitive and behavioural testing can be facilitated by the school psychologist with parental /carer consent. This avenue of investigation is generally pursued as a means of ascertaining a learning profile for students who are struggling to engage in learning socially, emotionally or academically. The classroom teacher is a critical friend in this type of referral as he or she provides a wealth of information on how the child presents within the classroom. The school psychologist will be available to discuss the nature of the testing process with parents prior to implementation as well as provide interpretation and report the post test results.

Therapy ACT

Florey Primary School works closely with families to facilitate referrals to Occupational and Speech therapists where and when required. The assessments that can be facilitated by this government provider are generally cost free yet waiting lists can be extensive. Regional drop in clinics are facilitated on a regular basis throughout the year and a clinic schedule can be obtained online or from the school counsellor.

Capital Region Community Services (CRCS)

The Youth and Family Support Program

The Youth and Family Support Program provides a range of programs aimed at enhancing the opportunities for children, young people and families to create their own futures in a safe environment. The program targets children, young people and families through groups and individual and family based support to identify goals and create pathways to achieve them.

CRCS has a strong commitment to the provision of quality care and a long history of providing quality childcare services in the Belconnen Region for over 30 years. These services are run in an integrated environment and encourage family support and participation. At CRCS our method is to involve the family in the development of their children. This involvement includes:

  • family input into the learning curriculum at the centre
  • information on the curriculum provided to the family
  • daily feedback to the family on the activities, events and issues of that day
  • discussions between the family and the staff
  • regular family meetings at the centre
  • a range of family feedback mechanisms to the service.

All services are licensed and accredited under the current licensing and accreditation requirements of the ACT.

The Children and Young People Engagement Activities Program

The Children and Young People Engagement Activities Program provides a range of activities and supports for children and young people with a focus on early intervention and support engagement in mainstream activities and community life. The program is aimed at increasing resilience and the development of skills that provide children and young people with opportunities to actively engage in their lives and their communities.

Family Foundations: Supporting positive behaviour with children, parents and educators.

Family Foundations is an early intervention program that offers parenting advice and strategies to families with children aged 0 to 5 years.

The program is able to support families ACT wide, through case work and through training opportunities, for both families and Early Childhood Educators. We aim to increase parent's/caregivers confidence when guiding their child's behaviour and aim to:

  • work together with families to better understand their child's behaviour and development
  • work together with families to set goals specifically relating to their child's behaviour
  • in consultation with the family and a range of services where appropriate, create behaviour strategies and plans
  • recommend parenting advice, strategies and services to families seeking further support in relation to their child's behaviour and family life routines
  • deliver parenting programs and training sessions on a variety of behavioural and parenting topics
  • link families to support services and community networks, for example: Playgroups, social media networking opportunities, resources, additional supports for other interests/issues, behaviour drop-in sessions.

For further information or to speak to someone within the Family Foundations team, please contact Capital Region Community Services on 6264 0200. Referrals to the program can be made directly via our Information and Referral Coordinator on 6264 0200

Bungee Youth Resilience Program

Bungee is an early intervention and preventative mental health service based on principles of active participation, social inclusion and the therapeutic potential of the arts. Through our activities we promote creativity and social learning as positive ways of enhancing resilience, positive self-images and emotional well-being in children and young people.

Bungee offers creative and recreational activities at schools and community centres both during school times and after hours. Classes include circus training, dance, expressive art, metal sculpturing, music instrument making and drama.

Bungee activities are especially tailored to suit children and young people who are going through challenging times in their lives or are experiencing mental health difficulties. Individual counselling sessions facilitated by a registered psychologist are available in Belconnen and Tuggeranong. These sessions are suitable for school aged children and their families. Up to 8 sessions are used to identify the individual needs of children, and the way that their development can be supported through individual support, arts-based therapeutic intervention, and through parental support.

  • Counselling for children, drawing from a range of expressive activities, including arts, crafts, games and play.
  • Counselling for young people, including cognitive behavioural strategies, and creative activities to increase skills and insights in relation to feelings, thoughts and actions.
  • Support for parents, including discussion around developmental needs and effective parenting strategies.
  • Further assessment of an individual child's or young person's needs.
  • Referral to other support services if appropriate.

Referrals are accepted from parents, or schools and other agencies with the permission of one of the child's parents.

Appointments are available at the Capital Region Community Services (Monday -Thursday) or at the Tuggeranong Child and Family Centre (Fridays).

Worry Busters - Anxiety Support Program

A program for children and their parents to help manage anxieties

  • Who: 9 – 12 year olds with parent/guardian participation
  • When: Term 1 * Term 2 * Term 3 * Term 4 (bookings essential)
  • What: Activities drawn from the Cool Kids Program and arts-based activities
  • Fee: free * includes workbooks for parents and children
  • Venue: Tuggeranong Child and Family Centre

To discuss eligibility and find out more about Bungee please phone Capital Region Community Services on 6264 0200.

Housing Support

The CRCS Housing Support Program provides a suite of supports for people who are at risk of homelessness. The program works with individuals and families to create pathways that are aimed at preventing homelessness. Service are non-tenure specific and are open to all people in Canberra whether they are privately renting, in public or community housing or have a mortgage.

Tips for Parents

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