Florey Oval Refresh

The Education Directorate will refresh a portion of the Florey dry land oval to maximise outdoor space for students at Florey Primary School.

The students at Florey Primary School are limited for outdoor space for student learning, recreation, and sport.

The ACT Government is facilitating this engagement with the school and local community to gather ideas and feedback on the future of Florey fry land oval to ensuring it meets the needs of Florey Primary School and can be enjoyed by the wider community.

We have already heard some great ideas from our school community and through the YourSay, we hope to hear more ideas from the school community and wider community to shape this oval's future.

Public spaces are the glue that holds communities together and the ACT Government is committed to delivering natural open spaces that promote a healthier lifestyle for Florey Primary School students and the community while also providing habitats for wildlife and reducing climate change impacts.

You can now have your say!

Have your say on the Florey dry land oval refresh

We invite community, including children and young people, to have their say!

Feedback received will help shape the future design and planning of Florey oval.

The concept design plans will be shared through the YourSay platform where the community will have a further opportunity to provide feedback.

Take a few moments and fill out the survey by clicking here or scan the QR Code.

The Education Directorate invites community to come along and provide comments in person at one of the pop-up engagements:

Wednesday 17th August, 5:30pm-6:30pm at Florey Primary School


Saturday 20 August, 10am – 11am at Florey shops.

Student Voice video

Our stakeholders

Our school community is made up of many stakeholders who would like to see the Florey dry land oval refresh come to life. This includes our students, teachers, families, parents, carers, Board, Parents and Citizens (P&C), volunteers and community partners.

Planning, design, construction and maintenance will be undertaken in partnership with Florey Primary School, local community, Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS), Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) and other interested stakeholders.

The Florey community is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on the Florey dry land oval refresh to shape the future of the oval. We believe an oval refresh will also provide a place of community connection that can be used and enjoyed by our wider community.

We value the support and advocacy from our school community, Board and Parents and Citizens association (P&C).

We look forward to working together to create a space that is natural, accessible and well-designed and can allow people to relax, exercise, meet, play, chat, connect and enjoy the natural environment.

The students at Florey Primary School have helped shape this project coming up with ideas and advocating for the new space Please watch the video below to hear why the students want the Florey Oval rejuvenated.

Some early ideas from our students

Some examples of student ideas of what they would like to see in their future outdoor space.

Minister for Education, Yvette Berry facilitated an earlier engagement with students at Florey primary School who gave lots of exciting ideas for an oval refresh.

Student Ideas (PDF 367kb)

Contact us

Ensure you keep watch of this page as we share updates on the journey of this exciting community project! You can also follow the project via the YourSay page.

If you have further questions about this initiative, please email ACT.Education@act.gov.au.