Instrumental Music Program

Year 5 and 6 Brass Band

Florey Primary School forms part of the Instrumental Music Program (IMP). Our senior students have the opportunity to try out to be a member of the brass band. At the commencement of year 5 all students participate in a musical assessment and places are offered according to the results.

Instruments include trumpet, trombone, euphonium and tuba, as well as percussion (bells, snare drum and bass drum). In year 6 trumpeters that display an aptitude for dynamics and scale, have an opportunity to play the French horn.

Trained music teachers from IMP facilitate the music lessons that occur twice a week, with the support of a Florey teacher. During this time the students learn how to read music, play different dynamics and scale, as well as keep time and listen to the rest of the band. Lessons are held twice a week with an additional lunch time practice session.

The students sign up to be a part of the band for a two year period. Moneys paid cover the cost of instrument hire, music books and all excursions incurred as a part of combined band practice. Florey students combine with students from Evatt, Kingsford Smith and Hawker to fill out the band arrangement. At the culmination of year 6 students participate in the Bandstravaganza, where they perform and Lluwelyn Hall.