At Florey Primary School the Australian Curriculum: English guides teacher planning and programming. All teachers are committed to providing a balanced literacy block including practise of reading, writing, spelling, listening and speaking, and viewing.

Language is fundamental to communicating, learning and thinking. In exploring and using English literature and other texts, students develop, maintain and express their identity, organise their thoughts, learn about their physical and cultural environment, and appreciate and contribute to their society. The study of English also promotes the appreciation and lifelong enjoyment of literature.

The development of literacy skills is a lifelong process. The role of the school is to continue the language learning children have begun before school and to help them to become proficient users throughout their lives.

The English curriculum of language, literature and literacy is reported through the receptive and productive modes.

All students participate in First Steps strategies for reading and writing, through modeled, shared/guided and individual processes. Students have the opportunity to write in a variety of different genres depending on social purpose. These include writing to entertain (narratives and poetry), persuade, inform, socialise, describe, explain, instruct.

To celebrate literature and strengthen the partnership with home and school, Florey Primary school has introduced 'Literacy Links packs'. Each unit has a variety of back packs that contain quality literature, props, activities and prompt cards to involve students and families with a literature inquiry. These packs are available to borrow on a week-by-week basis, with notes sent home regularly with school newsletters.

Florey Primary also has skilled teachers who provide extra support to our English as a second language students. These teachers, work alongside classroom teachers as well as providing targeted support in small groups outside the classroom.