Florey Primary school has been using the Australian Curriculum: History and Geography to guide planning and programming in the areas.

In years K-2, students engage in a 5 week unit with history or geography as the guiding element. This is complimented with a science unit. In years 3-6 teachers are able to immerse students in a unit that encompasses an 8-10 week scope.

We live in a rapidly changing, complex society and studying history and geography encourages children to understand their own social and environmental worlds.

The history curriculum generally takes on a world history approach within which the history of Australia is taught. This equips students for the world (local, regional and global) in which they live. Understandings of the past and present develop their identity and culture. They explore key concepts such as continuity and change, cause and effect, perspectives, empathy and significance.

Students learn skills such as sequencing, using historical and geographical terms, posing questions, identifying and using sources, identifying and comparing, classifying, exploring points of view and characteristics, communicating and explaining, thinking critically and creatively.

The geography curriculum integrates knowledge from natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to build holistic understanding of the world. It fosters inquiry and curiosity regarding the world's places, peoples, cultures and environments. They explore concepts of place, space and environment in studies at a personal and local scale in the junior school. Studies move to national, world regional and global scale as they move through primary school with a focus on sustainability and change.