Health and PE

Health education is concerned with the management of life situations and addresses a variety of social issues. The health education program provides opportunities for each individual to develop a positive self-concept, satisfying relationships and responsibility for personal attitudes, decisions and behaviour.

Florey Primary School acknowledges that everyone should be responsible for the improvement in the quality of life and the environment. Learning and teaching strategies for health education will be integrated across the areas of  personal, social and community health.

Regular vigorous activity contributes positively to children's health. Research has shown that a well-developed physical education and sport program can enhance learning as well as helping children:

  • become fitter and healthier whilst developing their tendency to play and explore
  • refine skills of body management
  • develop confidence and competence in movement
  • improve self-confidence and social competence
  • become more able to cope with stress.

The physical education and sport program provides experiences which reflect variety, vigour, vitality, challenge and achievement. The emphasis of the program is on enjoyment, skill development and team work. Community resource people are often used to assist in skill development lessons.

Competitive teams are entered into district and ACT Primary School Sport Association competitions when offered, subject to the availability of coaches.

The BluEarth program is running across the school. This program fosters a love of physical activity in a non-competitive environment. BluEarth is a physical education program developed to improve physical activity which is essential to a healthy life. It promotes whole person health which integrates body, mind and spirit. It also provides meaningful experiences to promote life-long habits and the pursuit of active leisure and sports.

Through various activities, both physical and cognitive, the program aims to develop:

  • ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks
  • build resilience and purposefulness (choice and intention)
  • appreciation of abilities
  • cooperation
  • awareness of others
  • a willingness to accept new challenges
  • responsibility for actions
  • improving behaviour/choices
  • self confidence.

The BluEarth curriculum is based on six categories; coordination & agility, skill activities, movement challenges and games, dynamic movement control, exploring environment and core movement.

In addition to this Florey staff run various in school competitions including cricket, soccer, basketball and netball and are run at various times of the year to promote students participation and build a community spirit.