At Florey Primary we recognise the importance of being numerate in today's society.

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics is used to guide the planning, teaching and assessment of the Florey mathematics program. Programs provide opportunities to learn key concepts and skills and empower students to solve problems and provide reasoning in the strands of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability.

Florey Primary teachers provide daily mathematics lessons that are structured with warm ups, explicit teaching, consolidation and application of the taught concept culminating in sharing and reflection of their learning. Students are immersed in mathematical language and are encouraged to use mathematics terminology when explaining reasoning.

Students engage in a variety of activities supplemented by the use of concrete materials. Teachers also support students through the use of ICT such as SMARTboards, internet sites and useful applications. Mental computation is also a key area underpinned by a strategies approach to learning. Students explore a variety of methods and solutions as they pose and solve problems and then become efficient in their calculations.

Further information in relation to mathematics concepts and skills being taught at Florey will be available in the teaching and learning overviews each term.