Florey Primary School desires its children to develop enquiring minds and a positive attitude for exploring and interpreting the environment. The aims of the science program are to ensure:

  • children enjoy science and develop their skills at their own rate within a safe environment
  • the acquisition of factual knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes which can have both a present and a future influence on a child's ability to cope with the environment 
  • interesting, exciting and relevant experiences are presented in order to generate a lifelong interest in the environment and develop aesthetic awareness 
  • children become scientifically literate so they are equipped to make informed and responsible decisions 
  • that science education empowers children in a dynamic world enabling them to manage and initiate change.

Primary Connections and the Australian Curriculum underpin all planning and programming. K-2 provide science units in combination with other learning areas, whereas year 3-6 are provided with a science release program that is located in the science laboratory.

Students are reported against their scientific knowledge and understanding, recognising science as a human endeavour and specific skills and processes used during science, such as diagrams and graphs, reports, hypothesising and predicting solutions. Students also learn about the fairness of testing and safe procedures when completing experiments.